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Yoshimura celebrate 60 years with Pole Position at Suzuka 8 Hour

After being fourth in qualifying, Yoshimura Suzuki Shell Advance Team took pole position with an historic lap in the Top 10 session by Takuya Tsuda of 2’06.703. This supersedes the 2012 performance by Katsuyuki Nakasuga (2’06.817) who this year takes second place on the grid with a time of 2’07.094 for the Monster Energy Yamaha Team with YSP, ahead of the FCC TSR Honda squad, who for a long time topped the hotly contested Superpole session thanks to a lap of 2’07.398 by Jonathan Rea.
The English rider seemed quite surprised by his performance this afternoon at Suzuka. Riding the FCC TSR Honda, Jonathan Rea has gone from a time of 2'09.062 during yesterday’s qualifying to 2'07.398 in the Top 10 shoot out. Kawasaki’s Team Green confirmed its good performance this weekend by taking fourth place on the grid just in front of the Honda Musashi Harc-Pro Team who gave away their first place in qualifying and will now start in fifth position tomorrow.
In sixth position Team Kagayama & Verity are in front of the Honda Suzuka Racing Team and the Honda Endurance Racing Team, the latter of which were the only permanent squad who took part in Superpole, which is reserved for the top ten from qualifying. The Honda Racing Endurance Team therefore start in 8th place on the grid. Sébastien Gimbert was unable to better his performance in qualifying, but Julien Da Costa has greatly improved his best time of 2'09.891.
The Toho Racing Team with Moriwaki (Honda) and the Legend of Yoshimura Suzuki Shell Advance occupy the final two places in the Top 10 and on the grid for tomorrow’s race.
The 37th edition of the Suzuka 8 hours will start tomorrow, Sunday at 11.30hrs (GMT +9 h) with the finish due at 19.30hrs, a little over half an hour after sunset. 70 teams will take part in the race, the maximum number of machines allowed for this event at Suzuka.

Van der Mark Stuns Suzuka Qualifying

The winners of the 2013 edition, the Musashi RT Harc-Pro Team have headed the qualification of this year’s Suzuka 8 hours. The Honda squad leads the Monster Energy Yamaha Team with YSP and Team Green the official Kawasaki squad respectively. The Top 10 was dominated by the Japanese based teams with the single exception being the Honda Endurance Racing Team who took 7th best time with Sébastien Gimbert.
Recognised for his incredible performance last year, when he won on his debut at the Suzuka 8 hours riding for the Honda du Musashi RT Harc-Pro Team, Michael Van der Mark once again stunned his rivals with his best lap time of 2’07.839. This deposed Katsuyuki Nakasuga riding for the Monster Energy Yamaha Team with YSP who is a specialist when it comes to flying laps at Suzuka, into second place at the end of qualifying. There was also a good performance for the Kawasaki clan. Team Green achieved the third best time with Kasuki Watanabe at 2’08.370, which was in front of the Yoshimura Suzuki Shell Advance Team represented by Takuya Tsuda and Randy de Puniet who recorded laps of 2’08.752 and 2’08.800 respectively.
Other Japanese favourites are also placed in the Top 10, these include Team Kagayama and Verity on Suzuki (2’08.947) and the FCC TSR Honda Team (2’09.062). The best showing from the permanent squads was by the Honda Endurance Racing Team that placed 7th thanks to a lap of 2’09.104 by Sébastien Gimbert, who was closely followed by his team mates Julien da Costa and Freddy Foray. The English based official Honda Team will take their place in tomorrow’s (Saturday’s) Top 10 shootout. Superpole will re-order the top ten places on the grid. This will include the Honda Suzuka Racing Team, the Legends of Yoshimura Suzuki Shell Advance Team with Nobuatsu Aoki who is very capable, and also Kevin Schwantz, and the Honda du Toho Racing Team with Moriwaki.
In eleventh is the Yamaha France GMT 94 Michelin Team who just missed out on a place in the Top 10, but the time posted by David Checa (2’09.610) and the strength of his crew bode well for the race. The situation is more delicate for the Suzuki Endurance Racing Team, 13th, mainly due to problems with tyre grip and chassis settings. Three other permanent teams are placed together from 22nd position: Monster Energy Yamaha YART Team, Bolliger Team Switzerland (Kawasaki) and the Team R2CL (Suzuki). The Team Flembbo Leader Team (Kawasaki) and the Team Motors Events April Moto (Suzuki) hold 37th and 38th positions in the rankings respectively. The Motobox Kremer by Shell Advance (Suzuki) Team is in 54th place out of the 70 teams who will start.
The start of 37th edition of the Suzuka 8 hour will be on Sunday at 11.30hrs local time (GMT+9h).

#Suzuka8h #Suzuka8hr Top ten shoot out on Saturday will be between the following 
Top 10 
634- Musashi Harc Pro Honda 
07- Monster Yamaha with YSP
87- Team Green Kawasaki
34- Yoshimura Suzuki
17- Team Kagayama 
11- Team FCC TSR
111- Team Honda Endurance 
25- Team Honda Suzuka Racing
12- Yoshimura Suzuki Legends
104 Toho Racing with Moriwaki Honda

Good day for Bridgestone as 8 of the 10 teams for the qualifying shootout are on BS tyres. Very quick pace given track temp >60deg C!

Top 10 Individual Riders (Unofficial) #Suzuka8hr #Suzuki8H 
Van De Mark 2.07.839- Musashi RT Harc Pro Honda 
Nakasuga 2.08.159 Monster Yamaha with YSP
Watanabe 2.08.370 Team Green Kawasaki 
Tsuda 2.08.757 Yoshimura Suzuki 
De Puniet 2.08.800 Yoshimura Suzuki 
Kagayama 2.08.947 Team Kagayama Suzuki 
Rea 2.09.062 FCC TSR Honda 
Waters 2.09.076 Yoshimura Suzuki 
Gimbert 2.09.104 Honda Endurance 
Takahashi 2.09.291 Musashi RT Harc Pro Honda

Photo/Words: FIM
Video :ToChuF1express

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