Thursday, 18 September 2014


Motorcycling New Zealand Inc is undertaking a full investigation into the admission of cheating recently made by multi Motorcycling New Zealand Champion Shaun Harris.  The admission came from both social media and in a formal communication to the administration of Motorcycling New Zealand Inc.
The admission relates to the 600cc Sports Production class and in particular, the forks used on his Honda CBR600RR.  
At the time of the Championship Rule 3  Machine Specifications of the Sports Production Regulations stated that: “All items not mentioned in the following articles must remain as originally produced by the manufacturer for the homologated machine, in the case of the front forks the standard original internal parts of the forks can be modified: shims, hydraulic piston and oil passages, springs and spacers.  Any quality and quantity of oil can be used in the front forks.  The height and position of the front fork in relation to the fork crowns is free.  Steering damper may be added or replaced with an after-market damper.”
By his own admission Harris made alterations to the forks which were potentially outside of the rules.
By breaking the rules,  performance advantages may have been gained, which are unavailable to other competitors who left their machines as per the rule book.  
A rule is a rule, if someone admits to breaking the rules, it is Motorcycling New Zealand's job to act on the admission.
"It is extremely disappointing to the Sport of Motorcycling in New Zealand, to have one of its former National Champions make such an admission.
By doing so, he has diminished the achievements of others and has brought the Sport as  a whole into disrepute." said MNZ President Jim Tuckerman from his Auckland base
PRESS RELEASE : Motorcycling New Zealand Inc.

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